Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gratitude in Anticipation

It's easy to be grateful for the things and experiences you can see; what about the things and experiences that have not yet been made manifest?

Not far from where I live, there is this van with a sign up for people to leave clothes, books and stuff for some charity. There is also a sign up saying "Thank you for your support!" The company didn't wait until the stuff had been provided and then said "thank you", they said "thank you" in anticipation of all the gifts they know people already have.

Every time I walk by I notice people have left more stuff.

That "thank you" sign is an important reminder to be grateful not only for what I have received (or has been made manifest), but also be grateful for that which has not yet been made manifest.

I believe gratitude speeds up that which already exists in the unseen realm and makes them visible.

I am grateful for all blessings - seen and unseen.


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