Monday, 13 December 2010

Relax and Let the Selves Do Their Work

When I was lying in bed with a sore throat and feeling as if I was getting a cold, the Inner Voice told me to RELAX and let the Healing Team do their work. I was told that the solution to all of my life's problems is to simply RELAX! I was also told I've built up a lot of tension in my body worrying about stuff. Simply RELAX and let the Miracle Workers do their job.

When I relaxed, the sore throat dissolved and I was feeling back to normal.

The Scientist in me that likes proof wanted to know how it works.

So yesterday the Inner Voice got me to list all the things I love doing. He said each thing I love represents a self in me seeking expression. I was told when I RELAX the appropriate self takes over and does whatever is required.

While I was writing the list, I was reminded of many things I haven't done in a while which I still love. There are even things that I have suppressed that I now realise I still love. The list helped me to be truly honest with myself and admit to what I love not because it makes me "good" or "spiritual" but because I love it.

Later at the supermarket, when I was looking for this special alcoholic ginger beer my mother wanted, I was overwhelmed by all the wines and spirits they had. When I told myself to RELAX, I spotted an assistant and asked him where I could find it, and he showed me where it was.

I've long since learned to let the Worker Self do all the housework. That's why I no longer feel nauseous while I'm doing it.

It is my Walking Self that takes over when I go on my long walks and I feel as if I'm doing nothing at all.

When I feel like peace and quiet, it is the Peaceful Self that takes over and not only dissolves thoughts but creates a peaceful ambience around me.

I have observed that when I RELAX, people around me also catch the vibe and it influences their behaviour. For instance, I was meant to accompany my mother to see a consultant at the hospital. I wasn't really looking forward to it as I don't like hospitals. When she tried booking for a taxi, she couldn't get through. I kept thinking to myself: "RELAX!" Then she booked a minicab. While she was waiting, the doorbell rang. It turned out her doctor's surgery had already arranged transportation for her and they'd arrived to pick her up. Although this meant I couldn't accompany her, at least she didn't have to pay a penny for transportation. They are even going to bring her home. I know that the Healing Team will be present with her and supporting her anyway whether I'm physically present or not.

All my love and gratitude to the many selves in me.



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