Friday, 19 November 2010

Life Comes to Life When I Do

When I woke up this morning and looked out of the window, I realised it was foggy. In other words, the fog had no reality until I was awake to acknowledge its presence. If I had stayed in bed or indoors all day, I wouldn't have cared less whether it was foggy or not.

This means that the world, as we collectively define it, only comes to life when I am conscious and give it meaning in the form of things that I love. My meaning is like shining light in darkness. The world then mirrors back my loves as equivalent experiences which I notice. Those experiences that do not resonate with me mean nothing to me.

On my way into town, the fog soon dissipated revealing a radiant morning underneath.

I noticed a man walking his Rottweiler dog who was very affectionate. The dog's owner said Rottweilers have been misrepresented as vicious dogs but that has not been his experience. All his Rottweilers have been nicely behaved. He believed a dog's behaviour depends on how it has been trained or treated, not its breed. I agreed with him.

I came across my cat friend who lives about three miles away from where I live and he was his usual affectionate self. He accompanied me to the bottom of his street and I waved goodbye.

Later, I stopped off at a shop to get some cookies. I noticed they had some "Oreos" which reminded me of what a Facebook friend had written about dunking her Oreos in chocolate drink. When I posted a comment on my Facebook wall, the same friend was the first to make a comment.

It is my Love-Light that animates life; otherwises, it is nothing.


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